Introducing Cafe Maddy Cab

We provide cab rides for the vulnerable Asian minority population in NYC, specifically those at risk of hate crimes.


Our mission

At Cafe Maddy Cab, our mission is to help the AAPI community feel safe in their commute. We hope to instill a strength and kindness that echoes louder than the fear and violence that's taken over NYC.




Thank you Uber for partnering with us and donating!

Madeline Park

"Every time I see it, I can't help but think, that could have been me."

Madeline Park, Founder

Why we're here

"It's really terrifying. Every time I see it, I can't help but think that, that could've been me" says Madeline Park, the founder of Cafe Maddy Cab.

If you're an Asian living in this city, we've all felt the same way—seeing all the news and headlines about the anti-Asian hate crimes, we feel fearful to ride the subway. So Maddy, aka @cafemaddy founded Cafe Maddy Cab to make cab rides accessible to those who are in need, but for people who can't afford it.

From April 2021 what began as a one person's effort to offer taxi rides became a widespread crowdfunded program, and with the total fundraised amount of more than $250,000, Cafe Maddy Cab paid for over 7800 essential rides for Asian Women, LGBTQ, and Elderly folks of NYC. Cafe Maddy Cab service shut down last year after depleting the fund thinking it wouldn't be needed and the city felt safer. But with the recent rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in 2022, we felt the need to relaunch Cafe Maddy Cab.