Frequently Asked Questions

When can I request a ride?

We will be taking ride submissions starting Monday 5/16! The form will be open each week from Monday to Wednesday, until codes are depleted.

How do I donate?

Click here or any donate button throughout the website. This will lead you to our GoFundMe page where you can make a contribution!

Who is eligible?

Low-income Asian women, LGBTQ+ and elderly who are in need of financial support for an Uber ride, for their safety.

Where can I take the ride?

Anywhere within the five boroughs of NYC.

How do I get a ride?

For instructions on the ride request process, visit our How it Works page. To request a ride, please visit our Request a Ride page.

Can I request a ride for my elderly parents, neighbor or friend?

Absolutely! In addition to your ride, you are eligible to request ride coupons for Asian elderly people.

How soon will I get my ride coupon after I submit a request?

The ride coupons will be sent via email every Monday morning.

How will I know if my ride request is accepted?

If your ride request is accepted, you will receive an email with the ride coupon on the following Monday morning.

Why wasn't my ride request accepted?

After review by our team of volunteers, your ride request did not meet our eligibility requirements. Please refer to the How it Works page for more details.

Why didn't I receive a code?

If you met all of our eligibility critera, please note that we have limited stocks of codes until we secure further funding. Codes are currently limited to one $20 voucher per person per week. We are only distributiung 180 codes per week on a first come, first served basis. Thank you for your patience.