Terms and Conditions

I, by requesting financial aid from CafeMaddyCab (hereafter "CMC"), agree that (i) all information I have provided to CMC and/or its moderators is accurate and complete; (ii) CMC will not disburse funds until I have provided any and all information requested and until CMC completes timely review of all requested information; (iii) all decisions made by CMC regarding the disbursement or non-disbursement of funds are final (including decline of a request upon CMC's sole discretion); (iv) I will not make a claim against, sue, demand compensation or indemnity from CMC for any decision it makes regarding disbursement or non-disbursement of funds nor any accidents or incidents that occur during a ride funded by CMC; (v) I will not infringe, impinge, or encroach on the rights of others (including, but not limited to, the constitutional rights of others); (vi) I will comply with all relevant and applicable laws related to rideshare and/or taxi rides in the state of New York; (vii) any personal data (including name, email, phone number, etc.) I submit or share with CMC will be utilized only to confirm my identity and the legitimacy of my request, which will be determined by CMC and/or its moderators based on CMC's purpose and objectives; and (viii) I acknowledge that my request for financial aid will not be fulfilled upon depletion of rideshare codes allotted to CMC.